Bing COVID-19 Tracker | Real time Coronavirus tracker [Fully Updated]

Bing Covid-19 Tracker

Bing Covid-19 Tracker is the interactive map tool which provides the number of people who got infected and the people who died by the coronavirus(Pandemic). You can believe in this data without any tension because it has been launched by Microsoft which is a world's leading IT company.  

Bing Covid tracker

Covid-19 is spreading ruthlessly across the world. Thousands of people are getting infected by this on a daily basis across the countries. If you want to know these live updates of people who got infected by the coronavirus, Bing Covid-19 Tracker or Coronavirus Tracker will provide seamlessly updated statistics of people infected by this Pandemic. 

Coronavirus tracker

You should not worry about the trustworthiness about the statistics shown by Bing Covid-19 tracker because Michael Schechter, General Manager for Bing Growth and Distribution at Microsoft said, "Lots of Bing folks worked this past week to create a mapping and authoritative news resources for Covid-19 info."

The Bing Coronavirus Tracker has taken the statistics from the authoritative organisations like the World Health Organization (WHO), the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and Wikipedia. 

    Live Cornonavirus/Covid-19 tracker | Real-time tracking

    With the collaboration of, we have also provided a real-time Coronavirus tracker. You can get the live number of coronavirus affected people on this interactive map tool. If you are using mobile devices, please wait for 10-15 seconds to load the map properly.

    How to analyse data in Bing Covid-19 Tracker

    The Bing Coronavirus Tracker is a very user-friendly tracker and you can filter it down to any geographical area whose Coronavirus statistics you want. 

    Covid-19 tracker

    This Coronavirus tracker is responsive so that it is compatible with any device like desktop, smartphone, tablet etc. hence you won't have any problem in viewing the data in small screen devices like smartphones etc. 

    Number of Covid-19 infected People

    The dashboard of Bing Coronavirus tracker is very simple to understand. On the left upper corner, the number of Covid-19 infected people are given. Bing Covid-19 tracker breaks down the coronavirus cases of a particular region into three categories:

    • Active: It shows the total number of active coronavirus infected people in that particular region.
    • Recovered: It shows the number of people who got recovered in that particular region.
    • Fatal: It shows the number of people who died due to coronavirus. 
    Bing Covid-19 Tracker

    World Map showing Covid-19 affected area

    In the centre-right position, the world map has been given. In this map, red circles are formed over the countries. The size of these red circles indicates the magnitude of the corona cases. The bigger the circle is, the higher the number of Corona cases in that country. For example, there is the largest red circle made on the China map because China has the most number of Corona cases. 

    You can zoom in this world map to focus on a particular region or country. The "+" and "-" are signs are given in the top right corners to zoom in and zoom out respectively. You can also drag your mouse up and down for the zoom functions.

    If you will take your cursor on a particular country, a pop up will open which will contain the name of the country, number of active, recovered and fatal cases. For example, if you place your cursor on China, a pop-up has been opened containing all the information. 

    Bing Coronavirus Tracker

    List of the Covid-19 affected countries

    On the bottom left corner, the list of the countries has been given and corresponding to the countries, the total number of infected people of that particular country has also been given. This list has been set in descending order i.e. the countries which have higher cases are placed above than those countries which have lower cases. 

    The entire statistics of Covid-19 infected people in the world is broken down in the listed country by country. For the Countries where the number of cases are very large like USA, Italy, France, Spain, India etc. the information is broken down state by state and the for the United States of America, the information is broken down city by city for each state in the country since Bing(Microsoft) is a USA based company. 
    If you click one of these countries of the above list, all the details of that country will be opened like the number of active, recovered and fatal cases. The map of the country will also be automatically zoomed in.

     For example, if you will click on China, the total number of cases is 80,928, active cases are 7,293, recovered cases are 70,420 and fatal cases are 3,245. The map of China has also been opened in the zoom-in position.


    Trends of Spread over time - Chart

    Above the list of the latest news, a chart has been given which shows the trends of the spread of coronavirus for the world over time and this is also given for the particular countries as well. If you will click on the expand button, the chart will be enlarged. There are two options at the bottom of the chart named "confirmed" and "Fatal". The charts of the confirmed and fatal cases will be available.

    It is the most important feature because you will know the time taken for the increase in Covid-19 cases in a particular country.  

    Latest News Articles of respective countries

    Along with this data, the list of the latest news related to the effect of Coronavirus for that particular country will be opened. If you want more articles, you can click on "see more articles" for reading more news related to that country. 

    Latest Videos of respective countries

    Beneath these news articles, the list of latest videos is also given. These videos cover the recent updates and conditions of the corona affected people of that particular country. If you want to see more videos, you can click on "see more videos." 

    Some more extra features of Bing Covid-19 Tracker

    There are some extra features of Bing Corona Tracker as well which will help to understand the data with more efficiency. These features are given below:


    Bing Logo on Top left corner

    On the top left corner, there is a logo of Bing. This is nothing but the link to the Bing search engine i.e. If you will click on the Bing logo, you will head over to the where you can search for anything. Bing is basically a search engine like Google which is a product of Mircosoft owned by Bill Gates. 

    Share icon on top of  Bottom left corner

    On the top of the bottom left corner of the Bing Covid-19 tracker's dashboard, there is icon of the Share icon. When you will click on that icon, the link of the Bing Covid-19 tracker will be copied on your clipboard. If you want to share this Corona tracker, you can simply paste it on a browser, Facebook, WhatsApp or on any social media sites or a search engine. 

    It is very important for us to share this tracker so that people will get accurate information of the Coronavirus infected people of the world.

    Feedback Icon

    On the bottom left of the Bing Covid-19 tracker's dashboard,  there is an icon of giving feedback right below the share icon. 

    When you will click on this icon, a new pop-up will be opened. In this feedback pop-up, there will be four options:

    • Report an issue
    • Share an idea
    • Give a compliment
    • Legal or privacy concern

    If you have any problem with Bing Covid tracker, you can easily give feedback to their team and they will respond to you soon with the email. 

    Map Enlarge icon

    On the bottom left corner of the Bing Covid-19 Tracker's dashboard, there is a Map Enlarge icon right below the feedback icon. 

    BIng covid-19 tracker

     When you will click on this icon, a full view enlarged map will be opened. The list of countries and the number of cases will be hidden. After clicking this button, the navigation of the map area will become easy for you. 

    Information Updation Icon

    On the bottommost part of the bottom left corner of the Bing Covid-19 Dashboard, there is an Information Updation icon.

    When you will click on the information updation icon, a new pop-up will be opened which will contain the organisations from the which the data has been collected and the time and date when the data is updated.

    You should definitely check the time and date when the date is updated for getting the accurate data.

    Bing app for mobile


    On the bottom-most part of the right corner of the dashboard, there is a blue button on which "Track the Coronavirus" is written along with the mobile sign. After clicking this button, you can download the mobile app to track the coronavirus. 


    Top 6 major countries affected with Covid-19

    Covid-19 is one of the world's most viral disease in human history. More than 180 countries are affected by this dangerous epidemic. All the people of the world are terrorised with Covid-19 because there is no treatment of the disease. There is a lot of danger to the life of the people and for the economy of the countries as well. Now, we will talk about the top 5 countries of the world which are affected by the coronavirus as of now.

    live coronavirus tracker


    China is the world's most Covid-19 affected country. The first and foremost outbreak of this coronavirus took place in Wuhan, China in December 2020. After that speed of the spreading of Covid-19 increased exponentially, more and more people started infected by this incurable disease. According to Bing Covid-19 tracker, as of now, more than 81,000 cases are reported officially in China and more than 3,200 people have died due to the deadly effect of Coronavirus. But, there is some relief that more than 72,000 infected people recovered from this virus and the number of cases are decreasing day by day. The major cities of China were locked down to prevent this deadly disease.

    The condition in China is improving day by day. Since last few days, no new cases are being reported there. 


    Italy is the second most Covid-19 affected country. In terms of Fatality, Italy is in the number 1 position i.e. Italy reported the most number of deaths due to Covid-19 which more than 5400 as of now. According to Bing Covid-19 tracker, there are more than 59,000 cases reported officially in Italy and only 7,000 people have recovered from this. Situations are getting severe day by day for Italy. Italy also recorded the most number of deaths due to Covid-19 in a single day i.e. 651. The Italian Government has locked down entire Italy because more and more people are getting affected by this day by day.  Italy has the worst condition in the world right now.

    The United States of America


    The United States of America is the largest superpower of the world but in front of Coronavirus, even US fell weak.  The USA is the third-largest affected country by the coronavirus. The first reported case in the USA was on 20 January 2020 and after that, this disease spread ruthlessly in the USA. On 31st January 2020, Donald Trump declared the public health emergency and due to increased severity in the USA, Donald Trump a national emergency on 13th March 2020.  

    According to the Bing Covid-19 tracker, more than 35,500 cases have been reported till now. Almost 473 people have died and almost 175 people have been recovered till now. The Covid-19 has affected all the 50 states of the United States. New York is the most affected state reporting almost 15,000 cases single-handedly. Washington, New jersey and California are the next most affected states of the USA reporting 2000 and 1900 deaths respectively. The conditions of the USA are worsening day by day.



    Spain has become the fourth most affected country in the world surpassing Iran recently. According to the Bing Covid-19 tracker, more than 28,000 cases have been reported till now. More than 1,772 people have died and only more than 2575 have been recovered till now. Spain also reported almost 324 deaths in a single day. The speed of recovery is much lower than that of the speed of infection. There is a huge challenge of the Spain Government to prevent the effect of spreading as soon as possible. 

    live coronavirus tracker



    Germany is the fifth most Covid-19 affected country of the world. According to the Bing Covid-19 tracker, more than 24,000 cases have been reported till now. Almost 94 people have died and almost 266 people have been recovered till now. The rate of recovery in Germany is very low, so the German government has to majorly improve that. The conditions of Germany are worsening day by day. 



    The first case in Iran was reported on 19th Feb 2020. After that, Covid-19 exploded in Iran and spread ruthlessly. According to the Bing Covid-19 tracker, more than 21,000 cases have been reported till now. More than 1,600 people have died and almost 7,900 people have been recovered till now. Iran also reported almost 100 deaths in a single day. Iran Parliament was also shut down because of 23 members of Parliament of Italy were found Covid-19 positive which was a major concern for Iran. 

    Brief Introduction of Coronavirus(Covid-19)

    This newly discovered virus is a member of Coronavirus which is a family of a certain type of viruses. This coronavirus is also known as 2019-nCoV(novel coronavirus). The official name of this coronavirus is SARS-CoV-2. The disease caused by this virus is known as "Covid-19". This virus was discovered in December 2019 in Wuhan(China) and it has not been previously identified in human beings. The source of this virus is believed to be a horseshoe bat but it has not been confirmed yet. These types of viruses are transmitted between animals and people.


    The Covid-19 has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation(WHO) on 11 March 2020. Some experts have said, "Covid-19 Pandemic is the biggest global event after World War 2." It is spreading fastly across the globe and the entire economy of the world has got a very hard hit. As of 23 March 2020, more than 338,000 cases have been recorded across various countries. China has reported the most number of cases i.e. more than 81,000 and Italy has the second-most number of cases i.e. more than 59,000. More than 14,691 people have died due to this Covid-19 across the world.
    Coronavirus group contains SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV etc. SARS-CoV(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) was viral in 2002-03. The origination source of SARS-CoV was civet cats. MERS-CoV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) was viral in 2012-13 in the middle-east. MERS-CoV was originated from dromedary camels. SARS-CoV and Covid-19 are genetically related, but the diseases caused by them are quite different. Covid-19 is less deadly than the SARS, but it is more contagious than SARS.

    Many major socio-economic, sports, cultural events of the world are either postponed or cancelled due to the outbreak of this pandemic. The stock markets of most of the countries have crashed. To prevent this pandemic from spreading, governments of various countries have organised Quarantine programmes, Curfews, has closed schools, offices, colleges etc.

    Symptoms of Coronavirus(Covid-19)

    The Symptoms of Covid-19 are Cough(Dry), Runny Nose, Fever, headache, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, chills, sore throat, body pain etc. It is very hard to distinguish the coronavirus from the normal flu on the basis of sole symptoms, therefore laboratory tests are done to find the presence of Coronavirus in the human body. 

    In severe cases, Covid-19 can lead to pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and even death



    Incubation Period of Coronavirus(Covid-19)

    The incubation period of the Covid-19 is 1-14 days. It means if you are infected with Covid-19, it will take 1-14 days to show the symptoms. The most common incubation period is around 5 days.


    Common Precautions of Coronavirus(Covid-19)

    The vaccine of the Covid-19 has not been discovered yet, therefore it is very important for us to prevent this pandemic immediately. Many biologists and scientists of the world are trying to make the vaccine of the Covid-19. Until the vaccine is made, we have to follow some precautions like hand washing, covering mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, thoroughly cooking meat and eggs.

    The most important precaution or preventive measure of the Covid-19 is to avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing. If a person is suspected to be affected by the Covid-19, he must be put under Self-Isolation.

    Note: This information has been taken from Wikipedia and the World Health Organisation. 

     Some necessary queries related to Covid-19 

    Due to the fast-spreading of the coronavirus, people have lots of questions related to the Covid-19 and there are so misinformation going on in the world. But you have to keep away from all the misinformation majorly on social media. Here are some common questions asked related to the Coronavirus:

     How vulnerable I am to catch Coronavirus?

     There are so many factors which affect the person getting infected by the Coronavirus. The risk of getting infected with Covid-19 depends on mainly three factors:

    Region: If there is a large outbreak of Covid-19 in your country especially in your state or city, you are highly vulnerable to Covid-19. In some countries like Italy, South Korea, Iran, USA, there is a large outbreak of Covid-19 while in some countries there is a slow spreading of Coronavirus. In some countries, people are recovering from coronavirus like China, there are very few cases being reported as of 23 March 2020. While in some countries, Covid-19 is exploding. 

    Age Group and personal health: Old-aged people and children generally are more vulnerable to this kind of diseases because in this sort of age, the immune system is not as strong to handle the severe effects of coronavirus and the chances of survival of people belonging to these age-groups are very less. So it is very important for people having age more than 60 years and children to stay at the home and don't go outside until the vaccine for Covid-19 is found. 

    Health Infrastructure: If your country has a good health infrastructure, then you are more likely to get treated as compared to the countries where health infrastructure is poor. But the countries like USA, Italy, China etc. having good health infrastructure still struggled to provide relief to the coronavirus patients. In the poor Asian and African countries, it will be very tough for them to handle the situation if Coronavirus enters into the 3rd stage suddenly. 

    Should I worry about COVID-19?  

    Covid-19 is spreading fastly across most of the countries, therefore it is natural to worry about Covid-19. If you follow the guidelines and precautions of the government, you will become a little bit safe. Little bit worrying is necessary for a person to be attentive and careful. But you should not get overly worried, otherwise, you will become mentally weaker and when you are not mentally stable, your blood pressure gets disturbed. 

    If you think that you are having symptoms of Covid-19, consult the doctor immediately and let your coronavirus checkup done. Keep yourself isolated until you become free from the symptoms of the Coronavirus. 

    What is the treatment of Covid-19? 


    As of 23 March 2020, there is not any treatment, vaccine, anti-viral or any medical treatment discovered for the treatment of Covid-19. There are some traditional home remedies which can provide temporary comfort but there is not any vaccine discovered yet. These home remedies are not recommended, instead, meet the doctor immediately if you feel some symptoms of Coronavirus. Anti-bacterial or anti-biotics can't be used for the treatment of Coronavirus because they are used to treat the bacteria effect only. So, no anti-bacterial should be used to treat Covid-19 as per the directions of WHO. 

     Should I wear a mask?


    If you are taking care of someone who has symptoms of Covid-19 or you are in a public place, then you should wear a mask or if you are showing the symptoms of Covid-19, then you should wear it. Otherwise, don't wear a mask, because a mask will be wasted and there is a shortage of masks in every country. If you are using a disposable mask, use it once only. 

    Only use a mask if necessary, otherwise, the masks will be wasted and the needy people who actually need mask will not get masks or get masks on very higher prices. It is very important for you to share this message with everyone so that people should not waste masks.  

     How long does the Covid-19 survive on surfaces?


    It has not been verified how long the Covid-19 causing coronavirus to survive on the surface, but Covid-19 seems to behave like other coronaviruses. Covid-19 may on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days. This may vary under different conditions like surface, temperature or humidity of the environment. If you suspect that a surface is affected with coronavirus, you should use disinfectants to kill the virus and protect yourself and others.